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The Question about Alcohol in any Flavor

The question about alcohol in flavor is a tricky one because it is a hidden ingredient of the flavor. If you ask alcohol question to non technical consumer department person of a food company, first they look at the ingredients list of the food product and will find no alcohol is mentioned. Then they will say we do not use alcohol in our products because they do not know the alcohol is a hidden ingredient of the flavor. We request Muslim consumers to use the following phrase when asking or writing the question to consumer department of any food company regarding the presence or absence of alcohol in the flavor of a food product.

" is ethanol or ethyl alcohol used as a solvent in flavor; ethanol or ethyl alcohol is a hidden ingredient or processing aid ingredient of a flavor, it will not appear in the ingredients statement. The knowledge of presence or absence of ethanol or ethyl alcohol in flavor is only known to your QA or Technical service department because they have access to the specification of flavors. In the specification of flavor, your flavor supplier has written  the name of solvent or carrier used in that particular flavor. So please request your QA or Technical service department to find out whether ethanol or ethyl alcohol was used or not in the flavor as a solvent".

How to ask question about presence or absence of alcohol in natural or artificial flavor before spray drying the food products:

" Do you use alcohol in natural or artificial flavor in dried food products such as non dairy coffee creamer or dry ingredients mixes or dry seasoning mixes or cake mixes before spry drying or processing those products. We know in most spray dried food product even if alcohol was used before spray drying then alcohol will evaporate or dried out after spray drying or processing."


The Kosher Certified food products are not considered Halal if they contain one of the following ingredient (based on MCG Halal Standard): (1) Gelatin (2) Kosher Gelatin (3) L-Cysteine made from human hair or chicken or duck feathers (4) Wine (5) Liquor (6) Beer batter (7) Rum flavor (8) Ethyl Alcohol or ethanol as a main ingredient (9) Cochineal or Carmine (10) Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce (11) Brewer’s Yeast Extract from byproduct of beer making  (12) Nucleotides (13) Vanilla Extract (14) Wine Vinegar (15) If ethyl alcohol is used as a solvent in natural and artificial flavors (16) Confectionary Glaze or Resinous Glaze (17) Torula Yeast grown on alcohol (18) if Carrageenan is made with ethyl alcohol, (19) Natural Vanilla or Natural Vanilla Flavor(because Alcohol is used in its extraction), (20) Any grape wine by-product such grape skin powder, grape seed oil, grape seed extract.


Muslim Consumer Group for Food Products is a non-profit, non-political and Islamic scientific organization, incorporated in 1993 as a Halal foods educational and Halal certification organization for Muslims consumers and food industry. Muslim consumers worldwide in over 180 countries with about 4000 daily visitors (According to Google Analytics) logged in to our website for information on Halal food products and food ingredients. Muslim Consumer Group provides services that benefits Muslims.


"Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds (mankind, Jinns and all that exist). The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Master of Day of Judgment. You (Alone) we worship, and You (Alone) we ask for help (for each and everything). Guide us to the Straight Way. The way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger, nor of those who went astray. (Quran, Sure Fateha)"    


Many Muslims are using non Halal vitamins from stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreen, CVS Pharmacy, GNC. This is because of lack of knowledge about the Halal status of those vitamins. MCG get every day a question from Muslims asking about the Halal status of xyz vitamins. MCG is providing help in picking up the Halal vitamins after it researched at Vitamin Shoppe stores which are located in every city of USA. MCG advises Muslims to check the Halal status of vitamins before consuming them.

Many major brand of vitamins are not Halal such as: Centrum, Equate, Citracal, Nature Made, Vitafusion, One A Day, GNC, Flintstone, Nature Beauty, Walgreen, Geritol, Nature Bounty, Garliq, Estroven, Disney Gummies, Fiber Smart, Caltrale, Finest Nature, One Source, Lill Critteers, Culturelle, Philps, Ultimate Florea, Viactive, Elatins, Os-Cal, Spring Valley, Schiff, Stevia, Optimum Nutrition, Mega Red, Ocuvite, Alive, Centrum Kid, Active Kid, Spring Valley, Bayer, CVS Vitamins Kirkland Signature and Herballife. They are not Halal because they are not Kosher certified or do not have a Kosher symbol on the package (if Kosher certification meets the Halal requirements because not every Kosher certified food product is Halal).

Even if they do not contain gelatin, they are still not Halal because they add without restriction any Haram hidden ingredient as hidden ingredient. Kosher certification protects Muslims from adding Haram Hidden or Processing Aid Ingredients which are not required to be mention under ingredients statement by FDA. MCG has a list of Halal multivitamins, individual vitamins, prenatal vitamins and fish oil or omega 3 on our website under "Vitamins". Please use this list of Halal vitamins. How to search Halal vitamins on our website: Please write vitamins or prenatal vitamins or fish oil (for Omega fish oil) under the search box then click Food Product by Category then click Show Only Halal then click search. You will get a list of 45 Halal vitamins, 3 Halal prenatal vitamins, 6 Halal fish oil (Omega fish oil) and where to buy them.

Word Gmmies is No No for Muslim Consumers

There are many products candies, multivitamins, Drunken Gummies made with Vodka, Haribo Gummies, Fiber Gummies, Life Saver Gummies, Lemon - Raspberry Gelatin Gummies.

The common ingredient in all above is gelatin and mostly pork gelatin is used. Some times marshmallow containing pork gelatin is also used.

So MCG is requesting Muslim Consumers to avoid consuming any product named with Gummies.

Please avoid food products, vitamins containing Softgel

All softgel products are made with gelatin. Most of the time the gelatin used in softgel is from pork because it is cheap gelatin in USA.

Gelatin in any food product or ingredient or Vitamins or medicine is not Halal unless it says Fish Gelatin under ingredients statement in USA and Canada

The important point is none of the gelatin carrying food products or ingredients or vitamins are Halal unless it says fish gelatin under ingredients statement. The use of fish gelatin in foods in USA is on rise because of demand by Muslim consumers and Jewish consumers. It is important to know that the fish gelatin from cat fish is not consider Halal or Kosher because of fish mouth.


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haramHeath King SizeHershey02-03-16
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haramTake 5 King Size BarHershey02-03-16
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haramO Henry BarNestle02-03-16
haramSkinny Cow Havenly Crisp Candy BarNestle02-03-16
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halalEgg Yolks
halalVanilla Bean Powder
unknownVitamin B5: As Pantotherric Acid
halalPropyle Gallate
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