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Recent Questions:

  • what protein powders are halal? - sher
  • AOA

    Please serach Whey protein on our website, you find Halal Whey protein concentrate.

    Category: News & Alerts
    08-15-15 12:56:12
  • Assalam Walikum Dear Brother, I am an MBA student and coming to USA- salt lake city by next week and would appreciate if you could provide me some list of basic food items that are halal and available there. Appreciate your help. Best, Mustajab - Mustajab Ali
  • AOA

    You can follow the Halal list of food products on our website.

    Category: News & Alerts
    08-10-15 13:51:42
  • Melia azadirachta leaf extract, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, polyethylene, isohexadecane, c9-c16 isoparaffin, sorbitan stearate, sucrose cocoate, curcuma longa root extract, prunus armeniaca seed powder, perfume, carbomer, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, propylparaben, tocopheryl acetate, disodium edta - Ufa
  • AOA

    The following are the requirements of Halal cosmetic products:

    1. No animal derived ingredients are used.

    2. No alcohol is used as hidden solvent or carrier in fragrance or perfume.

    3. No Carmine red color is used.

    4. No marine derived ingredients are used except fish for Hanafi Muslims.

    5. The manufacturer of cosmetic is one who knows the source of ingredients in cosmetic products.

    6. No alcohol is used in extracts.

    Only manufacturer knows the source of cosmetic ingredients so please contact them.

    Category: News & Alerts
    07-31-15 06:47:05
  • Is this true that McDonald uses pork lard in their coffee or is this just a hoax. i am from Singapore and need to know the truth. - Normana Shaari
  • AOA

    According to McDonald in USA it is not true.

    Category: News & Alerts
    07-24-15 05:35:38
  • Is the food sold from really halal? Because I've heard the founder of midamar has been charged with fraud and has been misleading muslims from all over the world with false information - Ahmed
  • AOA

    I can not comment on it.

    Category: News & Alerts
    07-24-15 02:08:06
  • Asalamu alaykum all. I like to know if Similac Milk Halal or Haram. - Omar
  • AOA

    Similac milk if it contains Necleotide then it is not Halal. Most of them contain Nucleotides so they are not Halal except Soy Milk.

    Category: News & Alerts
    05-25-15 18:20:39
  • Asalaam alaykum There has been some information that I think you should research about Johnson & Johnson baby powder stating that the ingredient talc has been linked to ovarian cancer and cervical cancer there has been class action lawsuits filed due to women who have either died or have been diagnosed with this I don't know the whole situation about this product but this is very important because you have on the website that it is halal but there is no information about alcohol in the ingredients. I wanted to know is talc in powder products halal? And if so what makes it halal? And if it isn't what makes it haram? Thank you so much Asalaam alaykum WA Ramatullahi WA barakatuhu - peace1
  • AOA

    Thank you for your suggestion. I do not have time or resources to do further research if a ingredients cost cancer. But whenever I wrote some times it is toxic if a ingredients is toxic.

    Category: News & Alerts
    02-04-15 11:20:08
  • Assalamualaikum, can I know if there is any halal food in the mamafu's chain of restaurants, please explain. Jazakumullah. - Sumayya Ashraf
  • AOA

    I have no information.

    Category: News & Alerts
    01-26-15 16:57:38